Contenders is a short science fiction film set in the North of England.

As six strangers prepare for entry into ‘Point B’, the 20 minute film explores the changes in our natural world and how we see them.

People across the world including New York, Iceland, South Africa and London backed the film and secured funding through Kickstarter. Keep your eyes peeled for updates and the film’s progress in 2019.




River and Theo arrive in an isolated area, a result of the fracturing and relocation of communities around the city.

Outside the realms of society lies Point B, a new programme destined for the masses in years to come, designed to help the vulnerable.

As the two girls cling on to the world as they know it, they both have to make a decision of whether to opt in – without knowing the consequences of agreeing to participate.



Key Creatives

Writer and Director: Rebecca Reeves
Cast: Titana Muthui, Petre Dobre, Ali Ariaie, Nebli Basani, Raghad Chaar, Jordan Kouame, Laurie Duffy, Stephen Outhwaite
Producers: Catherine Barr, Rebecca Reeves
Executive Producers:
Chris Wilson
Composer: Ben Stanbridge

Special Thanks

Greens Team