Arriving at a ‘gateway’ in the North of England, one young group are all on the brink of crossing into an uncertain future.

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A series of Gateways have appeared across the globe, all leading to a place people call ‘Point B’.

One farm worker, Andrei, is guarding one of the Gateways in the North of England where 6 young people have arrived, ready to cross over.

Contenders explores the nature of anonymous heroic acts from the younger generation, and how they are often, despite often criticised, the first to respond to a calling.


Key Creatives
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Director/Writer: Rebecca King
DP: Andrew Rodger
Producers: Cate Barr, Tian Boyce
Editor:  Chris Wilson
Composer: Ben Stanbridge
Sound Designer: Adam Jones
Colourist: Liz Glennard
Cast: Titana Muthui, Petre Dobre, Ali Ariaie, Nebli Basani, Raghad Chaar, Jordan Kouame, Laurie Duffy, Stephen Outhwaite

Special Thanks

Greens Team at Pinewood Studios

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